YM Parts Trading

Selling new / used automotive parts and accessories. We are also specialists in Toyota Supra MK4 (JZA80) parts. We are a company formed by a group of car enthusiasts in the southern region of Malaysia - Johore. We have been supplying and building supras / 2JZ for almost a decade. Satisfaction and authenticity is our guarantee. Goods sold are not refundable or exchangeable. Thanks!


The only platform that provides warranty and authenticity management. We cares for the community and its clients, by partnering with AliDagang.my, with their technology, we will ensure our clients gets ONLY ORIGINAL parts. All warranty claims and product after sales support inquiries will be fully monitored and managed online via AliDagang.my's Product Warranty and Authentication System. At the same time, communicate with us via this platform on product feedback and warranty claims