NRT Resources Sdn Bhd

This is what we do?

We are an interdisciplinary team whose collective skills and experiences allow us to work seamlessly across a variety of platforms, mediums and activities for a diverse range of clients.


Over the last two decades a core expertise and specialization in organising people orientated events and activities have been developed.


Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, partnerships with key constituents, including hotels, local councils, venues and caterers have been forged that ensure local market conditions are understood whilst international standards are delivered. All at the most cost effective price.


At all times we adhere to two fundamental principles:

  1. Successfully structure an activity to meet the clients aims within an agreed commercial investment

  2. Always deliver beyond a client’s expectations


Allow our industry experts to help you boost production and achieve your organisational goals.


Our team building solutions can be used for a variety of HR initiatives ranging from:

  1. Fun getaways for the team to boost morale

  2. Inspiring a sales force

  3. Aligning a team to form a positive work culture

  4. Aligning a team to embrace the vision, mission and values of the organisation

  5. Building a positive environment following a restructuring of the organisation

We have the experience to deliver to you a highly productive team that can deal with a range of work-place environments.

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