How can I raise a dispute in AliDagang?

Sellers will have 2 methods to raise a dispute in AliDagang:


When a buyer initiates a Return/Refund request, the seller will be given an opportunity to dispute the request before the default response deadline (3 days after Return/Refund request is raised for refund cases, 4 days after Return/Refund request is raised for wrong / damaged item received)


If a seller were to accept the return, but does not receive the returned item(s) in its expected condition, the seller will be given an opportunity to raise a dispute before the default refund deadline (5 days after buyer shipped the item(s) back to seller)

Sellers may raise a dispute under the following circumstances:

a) If the buyer’s return/refund request is unreasonable or different from what was previously agreed,

b) If the seller did not receive the item(s) to be returned and the default refund deadline is approaching, or

c) If the seller require assistance from Ali Dagang to process for damage / lost parcel claim from courier service provider on behalf of buyer.

If both buyer and seller are unable to resolve the dispute, it can be then escalated to AliDagang for resolution.

How does Ali Dagang resolve a dispute?

Upon receiving a dispute request, Ali Dagang will investigate the dispute case, and based on the proof submitted by both parties, attempt to come to a fair resolution.

Ali Dagang will try to complete the investigation within 5 working days from the date of the raised dispute. At the same time, both seller and buyer are advised to keep track of the case via their email in case our dispute agent needs clarification about the proof submitted or additional proof.

Once the case has reached a conclusion, our dispute team will inform both buyer and seller via email about the status of the case. Based on the outcome of the dispute, either the seller or buyer will receive the money, and product(s) to be returned to seller if necessary.